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Estate Plan, Living Will, and Healthcare

Estate Planning

Protecting Your Legacy and Your Estate

Estate Planning with Melina Rodriguez Law, PLLC

San Antonio Estate Planning Attorneys

Planning for the end of your life is never an easy thing to think about but having a plan in place if something were to happen to you is vital. Ensuring your estate is safeguarded and your assets pass to those you wish can put your mind at ease. 

At Melina Rodriguez Law, PLLC, our San Antonio estate planning lawyer will help you put together an estate plan that effectively and strategically protects your assets.

To schedule a free consultation, contact us online or via phone at (210) 864-2126.

How We Help

As a general practice law firm focusing on Small Estate Planning, Probate, and Personal Injury matters, we are able to help you in a variety of situations. Building and gaining your trust, we are a firm that you and your family can rely on to give you the attention and service you need for whatever legal issue you may have. 

We represent clients in cases involving:

  • Estate Planning: Including Wills, Trusts, and documents such as Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives, and Physicians Directives

  • Probate: Testate (with will) and Intestate (without will) probate proceedings.

  • Adoptions: Including terminating the rights of the biological parents, a home study, the appointment of an attorney ad litem, and a background check

  • Business Organization: Including formation of a Limited Liability Corporation or a Professional Limited Liability Corporation. 

  • Real Estate: Including Residential Lease Contracts, Rent to Own Contracts, and property disputes.

  • Personal Injury: Including car accidents between commercial vehicles as well as privately owned vehicles. 

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